Policastro bussentino

Policastro Bussentino (or simply Policastro) is the largest and most populous town in the municipality of Santa Marina, in the province of Salerno.

Policastro was built near the mouth of the river Bussento as a Greek colony of Rhegion (Reggio Calabria). At that time it was a strategic base for the trade of the city of the Strait with the Gulf of Taranto connected through the river Siris in 471 B.C. with the name of Pyxous (Pixunte);  For this reason the city was equipped with important walls. Then, it  became Roman in the 2nd century BC with the name of Buxentum.

It was a bishopric since the beginning of the sixth century. In the 7th century it was the seat of a Byzantine castle and took the name of Policastro.

The town is a seaside resort, very receptive in the summer, also because of the good rail and road connections and the quality of sea water.